Honestly, nothing makes me sadder than seeing a terrible logo on a business that has so much potential! Logos are crucial as they set the feel for your entire brand. These are some signs you might need a little refresh.


Below are 2 logos I made using Canva in under a minute each. Just to show you a quick comparison of how a logo can impact your business.

Most consumers would rather click on #1 because this seems more modern and simple. I only used one font, two soft colors that are cohesive and it doesn’t look too busy. The hot pink might be fine for another type of business, but for a coffee shop not so much!

  1. You diy’d your logo

    Not saying everyone who made their own logo is bad! Some people kill it with their graphic design, but someone who may have had no experience prior to making that logo, it might look amateur. A lot of people use fonts that are free and it sometimes doesn’t turn out the best. I completely get that people think nice logos can get quite expensive, but you really don’t have to spend a lot of money! Sites like Creative Market (my go-to for everything) have freelance designers who give logo template bundles where you get 100-300 for only $20-$40! Rather than do it yourself, investing in your business is always something you should do.

    Clients can usually tell when a logo has been done by a person with no experience due to the font choice and style. Don’t put your business at risk just to save some dollars, as a nice logo can last you a long time and is so worth it!


    If you’re a 90’s baby like me, you might remember when Times New Roman was a must-have in your font collection. You needed to use it for school and resumes to look professional. Nowadays, there are SO many fonts available. I find mine on Creative Market or Canva and they are simple and modern. If you choose fonts that look childish or messy, this might make your business look unprofessional. It’s also best to keep your logo with only 1-2 fonts to avoid confusion.

    As for color, I typically don’t recommend bright flashy colors unless it’s what represents your brand. Soft colors are always easier on the eyes. Look at the end of this blog post to see for yourself!

  3. Your Logo is Not Modern Enough

    Even though your logo might’ve looked good back when you made it, it might not necessarily look good compared to the beautiful logos you see in the modern today. Social media is powerful! I honestly don’t even click on a business’ profile if their social media logo isn’t appealing to me.

    I would recommend looking your competitor’s logo (not to steal their unique logo though!) to see what theirs looks like and how they’re using it. Check their social media fan base and interaction to see if they are getting more exposure than you. If you feel your confidence go down when you see their logo, maybe it’s time for a refresh.

    If you still love your logo, then you go girl!

    I hope this guide helped you realize if you need a refresh, or if your logo already rocks!