Many people have approached me to ask my opinion on their business' website. It must mean that they’re not totally confident in it themselves! You should be excited to show your brand and website to all your potential clients and know that you have a kick ass website! Here are the signs to determine whether or not you should invest in a new design.


If you do not have a mobile-friendly website, I hate to break it to you… but you need a new website no matter what. Nowadays, most people prefer to be on their phone to browse the web, and if your website is hard to navigate or looks uneven on their device they will most likely click out and go to one that is mobile friendly. Did you know that 48% of people said that if a site didn't work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn't care about their business?

You can easily check if your site is mobile-friendly by inputting your site URL on Google's handy mobile-friendly tool right here. Google now ranks sites that are mobile-friendly higher than those who don't, and who doesn't wanna rank first on Google?!


Does your navigation bar have more than 6 pages? If you answered yes to this question, you should be minimizing this to 4-6 pages maximum! Website visitors love to find information easily and quickly without having to go through many pages to find it. You can still have those pages throughout your site, but keeping your navigation simple is the way to go. I always suggest to my clients to keep testimonials or FAQs on their homepage and service page, rather than having a whole separate navigation link to this! Same goes for other pages you may want to be featured. You can easily link them through different parts of your website.

I also recommend keeping the wording simple! Rather than putting "The Girl Behind the Makeup Brush" as an example, just put "About Me". There's no need to get creative with titles, as people are just wanting simple information about your website.


Did you know that 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive? Having a poorly designed website can be crucial for your business. This is the main place that people will go to look for your services and products, and if you can't even offer them a nice layout then they will think your business is not credible and unprofessional.

Take a look at your competitor's websites. Do you feel self conscious, or do you think your website is as stylish as theirs? Your website should be easy to understand, have a good color scheme, clean layout and be visually appealing to visitors. It's best to update your website's design every 3-4 years to prevent it from looking outdated.



Does your website tell your visitors exactly what you offer, the moment they land on your website? Let's say you're a wedding planner and I click on your website to only see a slideshow of wedding images. Are you a vendor, planner, photographer, venue...?

There's this thing in the design world called "above the fold" which is the first section that visitors will see the second they land on your site. It should be clear on what you offer with some power words, and a call to action button straight away. Your content should be short and sweet. No one likes to read essays anymore - doesn't include blogging though!

As for your images, are they blurry or distorted? Are they professional photos or something tacky? I had a previous client from the beauty industry who had reached out to me. The images she had showcased on her website looked like she had grabbed them off Google and you could tell it wasn't her work! Make sure your images represent your brand and style and doesn’t look like you grabbed random images.


If your website doesn't load fast enough, it's known that visitors will get annoyed and click out. Its best to keep your page speed under 8 seconds and minimize the number of requests your website is giving off. Here is a screenshot of my own page speed and requests, which is all way below the average! Their average page speed is around 6.7 seconds and requests are about 88.


Some clients that have approached me with issues about their search engine rankings (mainly those that are using Wix, sorry for those who like this platform) and they had over 15 seconds to fully load and over 200 requests. Like what!! This is all unnecessary for your website. Google now takes page speed into account and can help improve your search engine ranking.

Check out your own page speed with GTMetrix right here and see how well your site scored. This, of course, doesn't define whether or not you need a new website, but it's definitely fun to see what you rank.


I'm not exactly saying to type in "makeup artist" and hoping you're on the first page, but if you search up your own company name and you don't pop up in the first few links, that can be an issue for your business. When I search up my business name, I'm first to pop up and clearly visible due to implementing great SEO throughout my website. Simply search up your company name, are you there or hard to find? See for yourself!


Now I know it can be costly to hire a website designer, but is that cost against the risk of driving traffic to a terrible representation of your business worth it? Going with a cheap or free template may save you money right now, but it won't give you the sales or clients you are hoping for long term.

If you checked off all the right boxes from this post then you go girl! I hope you’re getting the sales and leads you are hoping for and continue doing you :)

If you need help with your website design, I offer these services for you! Check them out and contact me for your free consultation call.