I want to let you in on a little secret to grow your mailing list and gain clients - quizzes. This is the perfect lead magnet and I show you exactly how I started my own quiz!

They're fun + simple for every potential customer of yours to fill out no matter what kind of business you are! Are you a hairstylist? You might do want to make a quiz -> "What hair color + style is best for me" then they might realize that they actually love the hairstyle & want to go through with it. This works for any type of business! It reveals to them why they need someone like you.

I tried out several quiz makers before I fell in love with Interact. Interact is a quiz maker platform that is honestly so much fun to create and work with. I'm here to show you how easy it was for me to create a quiz that has gained me an email list already!

I came up with my quiz topic “Are you in need of a spruce up?” since a lot of people were asking me my opinion on their website. Do they really need to spruce up their current site or is it perfect already? By creating this specific quiz, I was able to give these people an idea of whether or not their website is user-friendly enough to gain the clients they are wanting. I hoped to make my potential clients realize that they do need to hire a website designer to help them, and it sure did work.


You are given the option to choose a template related to your field, or you can start from scratch! Below are some options they offer, and you can choose multiple options that relate to your business.


I personally chose to create my quiz from scratch, as I love to get creative and make things my own. I wanted the questions & answers to reflect my own personality and business style.

You'll have to choose what kind of quiz would work best for you. The most popular option would be the personality quiz, which is how I structured mine! You can also make assessment and scored quizzes if that’s more your style.


My favorite thing about this quiz builder is being able to customize it to match my branding! You can pick your colors, fonts & insert your logo to make it your own.


You can start by designing your cover page to match your style. You can also edit the questions, answers and opt in form to match your font & colors as well.


Afterward, you'll get to start being creative with your questions and answers, which will be the main way that potential clients will see why they need a business like yours to help them.

I chose my own questions and answers by reflecting on past questions I have asked clients who approached me for advice on their website.

Once all your questions are done, mapping the results was so incredibly easy. Let me show you!

You can set up as many results as you'd like! I picked two for my business as my clients either need a new website or they are completely thriving with their current one. With your business, you might need more than this but it’s still super easy to figure out. All you do is change the direction of the answer to the proper result!

If the person ends up picking answers where they might need a more user friendly website, it guides them to this result. I used a call to action button as they might be interested to get a custom quote after receiving this result!

If they end up with the other result, I guide them to my services instead to show people that already have a thriving website what I do offer in comparison to what they have.


Before they get their results, you can set up an opt-in form to get leads for your email marketing! Interact lets you connect with any software you use to easily integrate all leads into your email list. I chose to integrate with Squarespace Email Marketing but they’ll have any software you are using.

You can segment your email list based on that person's result and set up automations to send when they are finished your quiz. Since my quiz doesn’t contain a lot of results, I bring all of my leads to my main list and collect their first name + email address.


Once you're ready to publish your quiz, you can start to promote! I embedded the quiz to my website and include the quiz as a link in my Instagram menu, but you can choose whichever option works best for you. I got most of my leads from my Instagram as people who viewed my profile were most likely interested in design services!

Since the Interact quiz builder was so quick and easy to use, I'll be able to recommend this to all my clients moving forward that are wanting to increase their email marketing list and build relationships with customers. I can certainly help you implement your own quiz if you are interested.

In just a few weeks of having this up and running, I’ve received multiple leads and all of them have clicked my call to action to get in touch with me!

I highly recommend you check out How to Make a Product Recommendation Quiz post which has valuable information, as product recommendations help you sell 4 times better than a generic store.

Want to see if Interact is right for your business and start to grow your email list? You can get started here!

Are you a current or future client of mine and want Interact added to your website? Let me know and I can get you all set up for you!

Have any further questions? Contact me for help.